Putting the walk back into Paradise Walk

Alliance Councillor Alan Lawther has enthusiastically welcomed the news that the Roads Service has promised to create a footpath from Parkgate down to the river.

Councillor Lawther said: “David Ford and I are delighted that this scheme has finally been given the green light. It is one of the main issues that the people Templepatrick and Parkgate have raised over the years and it will complete the missing section of footpath and connect the two villages down Paradise Walk.”

He continued “At the council Public Services meeting, this was one of many valuable schemes which the Roads Service announced, and it is planned to start early in the next financial year “

Alliance Leader, David Ford praised both Councillor Lawther and Councillor Kinahan for their efforts: “They have highlighted the need for this footpath at every opportunity and succeeded in a battle I was involved with over 10 years ago.”

Councillor Lawther further stated that he was concerned that the roads maintenance budget for the Antrim area was inadequate and that central government was reducing budgets up to the Review of Public Administration.

He said: “Councils are in danger of inheriting the responsibility of maintaining a local road network which had been run down after several years of underinvestment.”


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