Push IRA on all Issues – Alliance

Speaking on the anniversary of the IRA statement, Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson, Stephen Farry, has acknowledged the progress that has been made, but has challenged the governments to exert pressure in the run up to the October IMC report in order to address all outstanding issues.

Dr Farry stated: “On the anniversary of the July 28 IRA statement renouncing all activity, it would be churlish not to both recognise the significance of that development and the potential opportunity for political progress that it presents.

“While it is clear that the IRA are adhering to their commitments in the main, some outstanding issues do still persist. Those ‘exiled’ both within and from Northern Ireland have not been told that the threats against them returning home have been lifted.

“The IRA itself may no longer be involved in organised crime, there are suggestions that individual members retain their involvement. It is not enough for Republicans to simply wash their hands of these actions. Especially, if they wish to have a place in government, there is an onus on Republicans to co-operate with the lawful authorities to address such actions. Furthermore, there is an onus on the IRA to divest itself of the proceeds of illegal activity. Finally, the IRA could make an enormous gesture by facilitating the discovery of the remains of the rest of the ‘Disappeared’.

“Rather than jumping the gun in giving the IRA a clean bill of health, the UK and Irish Governments should use the period up to the October IMC report to exert the maximum pressure on the IRA to address all outstanding issues.”

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