PUP must decide — democracy or apologists for terror: Ford

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has responded to the threat of extended sanctions against the PUP for UVF actions by stating that the PUP must make the choice between democracy and being apologists for terror.

David Ford stated:

“It is right that the Government are challenging the PUP over the continued actions of the UVF, and are threatening extended sanctions against that party.

“In addition to the activities set out in the most recent IMC Report, the UVF have been associated very recently with murder. Therefore, the situation with the UVF is actually getting worse rather than better.

“The PUP can’t have it both ways. They are either the political wing and political analysts for the UVF or they are not. They must decide between democracy and being apologists for terror. Unless, the PUP are prepared to make a clean break from the UVF then they do have to be held politically accountable for the actions of that illegal organisation.”


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