“Publish IMC Report”: Ford calls on Governments

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has called on the British and Irish Governments to publish the latest report of the Independent Monitoring

Commission immediately.

David Ford said:

“It is now over three weeks since the Independent Monitoring Commission tabled its latest report to the British and Irish Governments. Its publication was said to be delayed because of the elections. However, it is now over two weeks since the elections.

“This latest report is set to be highly significant in at least three respects.

“First, it covers the period since the abortive December comprehensive package. Second, it will refer to the Northern Bank robbery. Third, it

should address the murder of Robert McCartney and the subsequent issues of obstruction of justice.

“The robbery and the cover-up of the murder have raised concerns in the wider community about the behaviour of Republicans and their commitment to solely peaceful and democratic actions.

“When Alliance first proposed the creation of the IMC, we identified the need for an objective body to shine a light on the continued dark deeds of

paramilitary organisations.

“Two weeks after the elections, the Prime Minister has already restarted negotiations with two local parties. It is important that the IMC report

is published immediately, to ensure that the political process can proceed on an open and transparent basis.”


Note to Editors

The IMC tabled its fifth report to the British and Irish Governments on 27 April. Previous reports were published within days of receipt by the

Governments, but for this report publication was delayed until ‘after the elections’.

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