Proposals consistent with Agreement, says Alliance

FOLLOWING an hour long meeting with the Secretary of State and senior officials this afternoon to discuss proposals to reinstate Northern Ireland’s devolved institutions, Alliance Leader David Ford MLA said:

“The Alliance delegation is satisfied that the current proposals from the two Governments are consistent with the principles of the Agreement and in line with compromise suggestions that we have put forward in recent weeks.

“It is clear that we are moving towards greater accountability of ministers operating within the Executive. As proposed by Alliance at Leeds Castle, this will be enhanced by an Assembly vote to collectively endorse the nomination of all 12 ministers on a cross-community basis.

“Proposals for the devolution of justice require intensive discussion among all the parties. We believe that it will be a key test of the new arrangements to get those structures right. We cannot afford to make any mistakes with justice.

“Over the next week or so the DUP and Sinn Fein need to engage in considerable reflection, but Alliance believes that we now have the basis on which this society can begin to move forward again.”

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