Promises on student exams must be seen through – Milner

Young Alliance East Antrim representative Pete Milner has said students in their final year at Queen’s University must be able to take the exams they have studied for. His comments come after Young Alliance raised the issue yesterday, and after promises from the University that all exams will take place.

Pete Milner stated: “Young Alliance has raised this issue through the media and it is pleasing that the University now appears to be assuring students that exams will take place.

“It would be unforgivable if the loans students were taking out did not bring the form of education to which they are entitled. All this hard work culminates over this few weeks in a short combination of exams, and this whole period has been extremely unsettling.

“Lecturers may have a case, but stealing away futures from young people who have worked so hard is no way to go about making that case.

“Students must have a guarantee that the exams for which they have studied will take place, and that they will be classified fairly taking account of the difficulties experienced during this exam period. There is nothing unreasonable in such a demand.”


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