Process becoming a mockery: Farry

Alliance Justice Spokesperson has said that most people in Northern Ireland are beginning to see the political process as a farce.

Speaking in the light of Denis Donaldson’s claims that he was a British Spy and that the so-called “Stormontgate” episode was an invention, Dr Farry stated: “I think frankly most people in Northern Ireland just feel they’re being mocked. Few people can take this sort of thing seriously.

“I would share the Taoiseach’s view that this whole thing is just getting curiouser and curiouser. But the real problem is that people are losing all interest in political progress. There is a real sense of hopelessness out there, and that the general public are becoming involved in games.”

Party colleague on North Down Borough Council and Chair of the party’s youth wing, Ian James Parsley, stated after a meeting with a local residents’ group: “This is becoming a game of farce and counter-farce. No one knows what really happened, and no one among those I speak to really cares.

“The people of Northern Ireland are united on one thing at least — this whole process is degenerating fast into something no one wants to be linked to.”


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