Prime Minister arrogant and foolish to dismiss People’s Vote

Alliance Party Deputy Leader Stephen Farry MLA has responded to Prime Minister Theresa May’s dismissal of a second referendum, which came during her statement on last week’s European Summit to Parliament.

Stephen Farry said: “This is an unprecedented political crisis for the UK. The Prime Minister needs to be clear that if a negotiated Brexit is to occur then this Withdrawal Agreement, including the backstop, is the only option. Right across the House of Commons, MPs need to stop chasing delusions.

“The only coherent alternative is a second referendum. The Prime Minister’s increased emphasis on ruling this out is both arrogant and foolhardy.

“Democracy is a fluid concept. There is strong and consistent evidence that a majority of voters do not want Brexit. More young people have joined the electoral register. For others the lies of 2016 and the shambles since plus the risks of a no deal have changed their minds.

“It would be astonishing if the UK continued down a path that will damage its economy and society when there are such indications that this does not have democratic support.

“A People’s Vote remains Alliance’s first preference out of this mess.”

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