Pressure for dismissal of Cummings will not relent, says Farry

Pressure for the removal of the Prime Minister’s chief Special Adviser will not relent, Alliance MP Stephen Farry has said.

Dominic Cummings told reporters in Downing Street he did not regret his breaking of lockdown regulations to travel from London to Durham, adding he had not considered resigning over the matter. Dr Farry said the past few days had seen the “single biggest surge” in emails from constituents, expressing outrage at the actions of Mr Cummings during lockdown, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s support of him.

“The actions of the two men speak of a sense of entitlement and hypocrisy. They stand in sharp contrast to almost everyone else following the regulations and guidance, and who have often made considerable personal and family sacrifices.

“This press conference from Dominic Cummings was itself a breach of the Special Adviser Code of Conduct and shouldn’t have been allowed to proceed. The contents of what was said confirm Mr Cummings drove a coach and horses through the guidance, and further highlighted inappropriate actions on his part, without even having the decency to apologise.

“The coherence of the remaining aspects of the lockdown are now in serious jeopardy. If matters collapse ahead of the scientific advice indicating it is appropriate to do so, there is an enhanced risk of the R rate increasing, and a greater level of infections with the inevitable, sad consequences. The long-term damage will be exacerbated.

“This episode further undermines good governance, accountability and public trust. Questions aren’t going away and pressure for the removal of Mr Cummings from public office will continue from Alliance and other parties.”