Post 11 plus – Where is the detail in Ruane’s plans?

Alliance Education spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has called for the Education Minister to clarify what her department’s plans are for schools after academic selection ends. He said he is glad she is scrapping the 11 plus but says she must outline her plans quickly to end confusion for parents, pupils and teachers.

The Lagan Valley MLA said: “Its well over a month since the Caítriona Ruane made her statement outlining her plans for the end of academic selection on the 4th December, but she has yet to clarify her proposals.

“I welcome her plans to create a fairer system; however, she must reveal detailed plans quickly to end confusion over post-primary transfer.

“She said that there was still further work to be carried out before a number vital of questions could be answered, but we have waited a long time and still she has not expanded upon them.

“We want integrated and sustainable services, but the Minister’s plans lack the clarity needed to convince people she can deliver a better education system.

“This matter is stressful enough for parents, pupils and teachers, and the Education Minister’s lack of clarity on this issue is compounding confusion. This confusion perfectly highlights the Executive being all about delay as opposed to delivery.”


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