Positive news on integrated schools must be followed up – Frazer

Alliance Newtownabbey Mayor Lynn Frazer has congratulated parents on their successful campaign to make Ballycastle Primary School integrated from September, and said this must be followed up by similar news from elsewhere in Northern Ireland.

Alderman Frazer, who sits on the North Eastern Education and Library Board, stated: “It is nice to hear some positive news on integrated schooling. There is no question that the Minister has made the right decision in Ballycastle.

“Parents in the area should be congratulated for going to such lengths to ensure the provision of integrated education. I am glad the campaign has had this result.

“People will only wonder, in the 21st century, quite why parents have to jump through so many hoops just to have children educated together. The case is quite simple – parents who want integrated education should have access to it. The fact that this is not the case across Northern Ireland is truly baffling, and I trust the Minister will follow up her strong decision in Ballycastle with similar decisions elsewhere.”


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