Positive asbestos test at proposed dump raises concerns

SOUTH Antrim Assembly member David Ford has said Crumlin residents will be concerned by news that tests completed at a planned asbestos dump site at Crosshill Quarry have confirmed the presence of asbestos.

A letter from Environment Minister Angela Smith MP stated that “Analysis confirmed the presence of asbestos in 2 of the 5 samples collected”.

Mr Ford said:

“Campaigners have not had full disclosure of documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act. It is unfair that the Minister’s decision was taken while local people don’t have the full story.

“The Minister has now acknowledged there is already asbestos on the site, and this raises real concerns about management of the site. It was only when independent tests were carried out that the presence of asbestos became known.

“I believe the DoE needs more time to examine this issue more thoroughly and to take local opinion into consideration now that more of the facts have become available.”

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