Poots must look at energy changes here to show green credentials

Reacting to news that Environment Minister Edwin Poots is to attend the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagan, Alliance Sustainability Spokesperson Cllr Alan Lawther said that he must show people in Northern Ireland he’s serious about protecting the environment by prioritising renewable energy and considering the use of smart grid and smart electricity meter technology to conserve energy.

Antrim Councillor Alan Lawther said: “It’s good that Edwin Poots is attending the climate change summit, but he needs to demonstrate he’s serious about going green by making more effort to increase renewable energy use and look at using smart grid and meter electricity technology to conserve energy.

“The environmental record of the Stormont Executive is pretty appalling. They have failed to produce a green new deal, they have failed to create an independent Environmental Protection Agency and have not created a plastic bag levy.

“There are many simple steps the Executive could take to protect the environment but they have chosen not to. Their record is a sad indictment of an Executive that has failed on the environment and on other important matters affecting the everyday lives of people here.”


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