Poots must abide by Court Of Appeal decision on adoption by same sex couples

Alliance Health spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has said that the Health Minister Edwin Poots must abide by a Court of Appeal ruling that has upheld a previous High Court decision that the ban on same sex couples from adopting children was unlawful. Mr McCarthy has told the Minister to stop any more legal action on this issue.

Kieran McCarthy MLA: “I welcome this decision by the Court of Appeal. The Health Minister must abide by this decision and allow same sex couples to put themselves forward for consideration to adopt children in Northern Ireland.

“The Health Minister has again wasted taxpayers money by continuing this legal action. He must accept that the courts have made a decision and cease any future legal action. I hope this decision will also affect his ban on gay men from donating blood.

“There are too many children in our social care system for us to be preventing certain couples from adopting.”


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