Police must name and shame racist paramilitary groups – Alliance

Newtownabbey Mayor Lynn Frazer has demanded that police name and shame paramilitary groups involved in racist attacks in Northern Ireland. Chief Constable Hugh Orde said yesterday at a meeting of the Policing Board in Co. Down, that police may name paramilitary organisations involved in racist hate crimes.

Alliance Councillor Lynn Frazer said: “Police should name and shame racist paramilitary groups.

“It is sickening that paramilitary groups are now also directing their hatred towards people from ethnic minorities.

“Having displayed their sectarian idiocy, these thugs are now intent on proving that they are racist too. The sheer level of hatred shown by these people is appalling.

“All forms of prejudice which exists here must be eradicated. The vile seeds of racism were sown by the sectarian hatred created by paramilitaries and extremists in Northern Ireland.

“I am disgusted at the number of racist attacks which have taken place in Newtownabbey alone. Recently, a pilot scheme to stop racism was launched in the area, and I hope it will stamp out these disgraceful incidents.”


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