PM talks Brexit while the DUP pours champagne – Dickson

As the Prime Minister sets out her Brexit timetable, the DUP are busy pouring champagne; Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has said.

Mr Dickson was speaking after it emerged the DUP was sponsoring a champagne reception at the Conservative Party conference. Stewart Dickson said: “This champagne reception for Conservative Party conference delegates, sponsored by the DUP, is a clear sign that not only has the leadership changed its attitude to alcohol, but has got its priorities wrong.

“As the Prime Minister makes public her timescale for triggering Brexit, it is of great concern that while the DUP is sipping champagne in Birmingham, the people of Northern Ireland have been given no idea from the Executive of the likely impact on us when we leave the EU. How will our economy fare? What border arrangements will be in place? Never mind, just pour another glass of bubbly, seems to be the DUP approach.

“It is interesting that alcohol, which was previously criticised as the devil’s buttermilk and blamed for all manner of societal problems, is now accepted to oil the political wheels. It is time the DUP put the people of Northern Ireland ahead of their own political ambitions and set out their Brexit plan.”

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