Plans to light up Belfast parks progress

Belfast City Council is to consider options for lighting parks across the city throughout the winter months, after the issue was raised by Alliance Councillor Emmet McDonough Brown.

Highlighting the issue on Monday night, Emmet – Belfast’s Deputy Lord Mayor – has secured confirmation that the Council will look at identifying the costs and benefits of lighting a range of parks, allowing residents to enjoy quality outdoor space at all times of the year.

He added: “I’m delighted to see Belfast City Council as a whole is prepared to investigate what is needed to keep our parks open longer.

“Those who want to use our parks past 4.30pm are extremely frustrated to be met with closed signs and blocked entry and for many, this means they are unable to carry out recreational hobbies after being unavailable earlier in the day for many reasons.

“This move is the first step towards opening up our parks for greater use throughout the year. And, as I’ve previously highlighted, this can and should be done, as in the case of two parks in East Belfast which is already enjoying extended opening hours.

“I look forward to monitoring this situation and working to fully implement the recommendations brought back.”

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