Planning applications must be published in daily papers – Alliance

Alliance Party Spokesperson Stewart Dickson has slammed government proposals to end the publication of planning applications in the three daily newspapers here. He stated that the publication of plans is vital to ensure that the public is kept well informed of matters of local significance.

The Carrickfergus Councillor stated: “I am extremely disappointed that the government is going to stop publishing planning application in our three daily newspapers here.

“The public must be told about proposed plans to ensure that they have a say in the planning process. This is an issue of openness and transparency.

“It is very important that everyone has the opportunity to see what is going on as regards planning in their area.

“Neighbourhood notification, which was an Alliance initiative, is useful but it cannot be a substitute for the widespread publication of planning applications. Neighbourhood notification is not a precise science and it only applies to people who live within 60 metres of plan sites.

“Planning is of wider community interest as opposed to only narrow local interest.

“We could have the nightmare scenario of a nightclub being planned for a residential area, and only people within 60 metres of the site hearing about it. Or alternatively plans may be proposed to bulldoze a property of historical significance and only people in the vicinity may know about them.

“I am glad that the Irish News has brought this issue to light, as it is of real importance to everyone in the region.”


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