Picture on paramilitary violence not as good as it should be, but heading

Alliance Leader David Ford and Deputy Leader Eileen Bell led a party delegation to meet the Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde and Assistance Chief Constable Sam Kincaid today, focusing on the police’s assessment of paramilitary activity.

After the meeting, David Ford stated: “All the evidence points to ongoing paramilitary activity, with involvement on all sides in criminal activity and violence.”

However, we must note also that the trend is in the right direction. The picture is better than it was. Specifically, levels of activity are below those of four years ago, when the Assembly was up and running. So although the situation is not as good as we want it to be, it cannot be used as an excuse for undue political stalling.

When Alliance first suggested the idea of an International Monitoring Commission (IMC), the objective was to encourage good behaviour rather than merely report on activity. It seems that objective is being met to some extent.

The IMC must be allowed to report, and we would urge careful consideration of what it says.


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