Petty politics threatening any hopes of progress

Young Alliance East Antrim representative Pete Milner has slammed Northern Ireland’s ‘Big Four’ parties for engaging in petty politics. He said the Alliance Party offers a better way that benefits all.

Pete Milner stated: “Politicians are steadfastly refusing to deal with the issues that really affect people. It is the height of irresponsibility to suggest, as other parties have done as recently as today, that yet more quangos are the answer to our problems. It is utter madness to call for more public bodies when the ones we already have are failing to do the job. And it is sheer lunacy to call for still more cross-border bodies when the ones we have are not able to function properly.

“What does any of this do for the young couple forced to move out of their new home by punitive rates rises? What does any of this do for the old lady who is condemned to fuel poverty by gas price hikes? What does any of this do for the student unable to keep up with his debts?

“The simple fact is that politicians from the ‘Big Four’ parties would rather engage in petty symbolism through daft Council motions and ridiculous 24-page plans than get stuck into the real issues that affect people. No wonder so many people are turning away from politics altogether.

“People already know that Unionist parties are Unionist and that Nationalist parties are Nationalist. What they do not know is what Unionist and Nationalist parties plan to do about people unable to get on the housing ladder, about people unable to afford to heat their own homes, or about our collapsing industrial jobs base. Just recently, in Carrickfergus, a local firm has closed as a result of a China’s highly competitive and unique economy. That is the real challenge, and the people expect politicians to meet it.

“It is time the people of Northern Ireland rose up and told the petty tribalists who are playing games with our people’s future what they think of them. Only the Alliance Party can be trusted to deliver real results on the real issues.”

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