People’s vote still key, despite PM’s victory, says Farry

Alliance Deputy Leader Stephen Farry has said the Prime Minister’s victory against a no confidence motion brought against her does not change the need for a People’s Vote to navigate out of the mess of Brexit.

Mr Farry was speaking after the Government survived a motion of no confidence, brought by Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn on Wednesday night.

“Any General Election would have been a distraction from the key issue, which is the Government determining and delivering a viable way forward,” he said.

“The Government’s survival does not change the limited range of choices that are available.

“Yet even today, the Prime Minister continues to entertain unrealistic solutions and fails to accept the contradictions in her mutually incompatible red lines. The Leader of the Opposition similarly continues to chase fantasy solutions.

“While there may be a majority now against a no deal outcome, the House of Commons can only prevent that by determining a clear alternative. Any version of a negotiated Withdrawal Agreement crucially must include this backstop. This applies to any version of a soft Brexit.

“The only other viable and coherent way forward is a new referendum. This is Alliance’s priority. Democracy is a fluid concept and with the consistent evidence now that a majority of voters do not back Brexit, now is the time to move to a People’s Vote.”

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