People’s Vote most democratic way out of Brexit mess, says Farry

A People’s Vote with an option to Remain is the clearest and most democratic way out of the Brexit mess, Alliance North Down Westminster candidate Stephen Farry has said.

Dr Farry said the chaos which has been caused by the Brexit vote would only be compounded if we left the EU.

“Brexit hasn’t happened but already it has caused increased chaos and division to our society. It is a major reason the Assembly has not been restored and it presents a serious challenge to the Good Friday Agreement, as well as our economy and vision for a more shared and prosperous future.

“The people of Northern Ireland voted to Remain, with even many of those who originally supported Brexit now opposing it, particularly a disastrous no deal Brexit. The unicorn Brexit promised to people over three years ago cannot be delivered and never could have been. It is therefore only right people have the opportunity to give their final judgement on an issue which will define us for generations to come.

“Alliance has been at the forefront of calling for a People’s Vote from the beginning of this process, including securing support from several local Councils, and the momentum for it has grown across the UK. Alliance MPs will take their seats at Westminster to vote against Brexit and push for a People’s Vote, giving voters the opportunity to remain in the heart of the EU, playing a full and constructive role in shaping its future and ours in cooperation with our nearest neighbours and partners.”