People in Skerries want fairness and value for money – Fitzpatrick will deliver both

Coleraine Alliance Representative, Paddy McGowan has stated that fairness is the main issue in the forthcoming Skerries by-election campaign. He stated that fairness dictates that Alliance candidate Barney Fitzpatrick should win the by-election has he finished runner-up in last year’s full election.

Paddy McGowan said: “Barney Fitzpatrick deserves this seat as he was the runner-up in last year’s council election.

“Local people were disgusted by former DUP Councillor Dessie Stewart’s electoral fraud. The public are also annoyed that the Ulster Unionists forced a by-election for the middle of December, which will cost local taxpayers up to £15,000. This is a disgraceful waste of public money.

“Alliance is getting great feedback on the doorsteps in the Skerries area and we can see that people are sick of the sad political games of the sectarian parties.

“Over one billion pounds is currently wasted yearly on keeping Northern Ireland divided. Alliance will end segregation and will invest the cash saved into local hospitals, schools and policing.

Paddy McGowan concluded: “Alliance means fairness and value for money. People have a chance to back these values by voting for Barney Fitzpatrick in the Skerries by-election.”


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