People deserve more action to improve housing in Village area

Former Lord Mayor of Belfast, Tom Ekin, has backed a City Council crackdown on landlords who properties are in poor condition; however, he said that more must be done to improve housing. He stated that some people in the Village area of the city had suffered immeasurably in recent times because of poor housing. He also said that their voices have been disgracefully ignored for too long.

The Balmoral Alliance Party Councillor said: “I strongly welcome the council move to crackdown of landlords who fail to ensure their properties are in good condition.

“This move will be a boost to people in the Village who have been campaigning for better homes; however, far more must be done to address their genuine concerns. We need to see more top quality social housing being built there, to stop local people being forced to move away.

“For too long the voices of people in the Village have been disgracefully ignored. Some people have had to put up with outdoor lavatories, no heating and dampness in their homes, amounting to flooding.

“With the devolution deal between Paisley and Adams, local people will now rightly expect their concerns to be addressed. The residents of the Village will want real and urgent action to improve housing.

“After years of wasted opportunities and under-investment, local people deserve the best. During the election, the tribal parties talked of delivery being important – it is now even more essential, and we will be keeping pressure on them to deliver real improvements or stand aside.”


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