People angry and sad, but will stand united to eliminate racism – Hendron

Belfast Alliance Councillor Máire Hendron has said the attack on a church in Ballyhackamore illustrates how elected representatives must be more careful with public pronouncements about racism and sectarianism. She said people must stand together to eliminate these scourges.

Cllr Hendron, who chairs the Parish Council of the church concerned and who herself walked in on the damage caused, stated: “People are angry about this attack, people are sad about this attack – but they will get through it.

“This appalling incident illustrates that people must come together to eliminate sectarianism and racism.

“People have a duty to be much more careful in their public pronouncements. Elected representatives must not resort to excuses. We must speak with one, clear voice: sectarianism and racism are wrong, no matter what the source.

“This attack has damaged the community as a whole, but we are determined to come together to recover.”


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