Pedestrian crossing would allay pensioners fears

Marjorie Hawkins Alliance candidate for Castle Ward, Carrickfergus has called for a pedestrian crossing to be placed on the busy Belfast Road, Carrickfergus to enable pensioners from Irish Gate Fold to cross the road safely on their way to the Post Office to collect their pension.

“Use of the subway is out of the question as many of the pensioners are infirm and walk with the aid of a stick. The subways are also dirty and some are afraid of being mugged.”

Having visited the residents of the Presbyterian Housing Association Fold at Irish Gate Marjorie Hawkins stated:

“Pensioners are in fear for their lives as they attempt to cross this busy junction. As vice-chair of the Community Police Liaison Committee I have raised the matter at meetings and we have written to the DOE on behalf of the pensioners.”

“If elected I intend to ensure that this crossing is built. Alliance is very aware that the needs of the elderly are often overlooked, and we are working to make sure hey are properly looked after”.


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