Pearson slammed for Commons comment on McBride case

ALLIANCE Assembly member Seamus Close has accused the Security Minister of cowardice by refusing to take action against the Army’s decision to reinstate the killers of Peter McBride following a damning report by the military watchdog yesterday.

In the House of Commons this morning, Minister Ian Pearson said that the decision to allow Scots Guardsmen Fisher and Wright back into the Army was a matter for the Ministry of Defence. This follows yesterday’s report by the independent assessor of military complaints that the decision undermined the Army’s credibility.

Mr Close said: “This is not a unionist vs nationalist issue. It is a matter of what is right and what is wrong, and for a Minister to back away from doing the right thing in such a cowardly manner just adds to the injustice the McBride family must feel.

“It is time that Mr Pearson took the bull by the horns and worked to protect justice, not a wrong decision. I applaud the Army watchdog for his finding that this issue requires resolution, but it is equally clear that the MoD does not intend to move unless it is pushed.

“It’s time for Mr Pearson to get off his knees and start pushing.”

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