Patten-style Commission needed to deal with legacy of the past

Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson has renewed his party’s call for the British and Irish Governments to appoint a Patten-style Commission to deal with issues relating to the legacy of the past. This comes in the wake of calls from the Policing Board for a truth commission.

Dr Farry stated: “Alliance welcomes the Policing Board’s intervention into the debate on how to deal with the legacy of the past.

“Alliance has tabled proposals with the British and Irish Governments for a Patten-style Commission of domestic and international experts to be appointed to consult, deliberate and recommend a comprehensive set of proposals.

“It is unlikely that any current international model can be readily transplanted to Northern Ireland. However, there are plenty of ideas on the table, with a truth commission being only one such aspect.

“What is required is a comprehensive set of proposals that can address the wide range of demands for truth and justice in Northern Ireland, rather than selective inquiries. A special commission is required to determine what should be done. It will then fall to others to follow through on its recommendations.”


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