Parties need to get serious, says Long

Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA has said parties need to “get serious” after the Secretary of State said a short window of opportunity exists to reach a deal between the parties.

James Brokenshire said there remained an “overwhelming desire” for devolved Government and would follow up with a full statement in the House of Commons tomorrow (Tuesday).

“To date, this process has had no momentum to try and take us in the direction of any conclusion. However, it cannot continue indefinitely,” said Mrs Long.

“There needs to be drive shown by the parties involved – those holding things up cannot be allowed to drag things on any longer. While that has been frustrating and disappointing, there still exists an opportunity if people are committed to the talks.

“It is unthinkable a project made up of 25 years of hope, time and effort from many quarters could be thrown away so lightly. If people are sincere about reaching a deal, there is no reason things cannot get serious immediately.”

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