Parties must listen to workers and get back to Government, says Bradshaw

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has echoed the sentiments of Chartered Accountants Ireland that parties should prioritise health, education and jobs, and get back to work around the Executive table, as she cautioned yesterday’s budget allocation will do little for workers in the health and social care sector.

Responding to comments from Chartered Accountants Ireland Chair Pamela McCreedy, the South Belfast MLA said the ongoing impasse meant some politicians were shirking their responsibilities to deliver health transformation, education reform and a balanced budget.

“Entering any coalition government requires compromise, and an unwillingness to face up to that fact suggests some in high positions are not listening to people in the health sector, in education, and in business who say this impasse cannot continue but local and accountable decision making is urgently necessary.

“Even this budget, which at least has been brought forward to give time for the administration to prepare and make efficiencies, does little for example for people in the Ambulance Service, who have not received the same uplift as those elsewhere in the UK for over a year now. When people see such blatant unfairness, it is inevitable morale will plummet with implications on everyone.

“Workers in the health sector, in other parts of the public sector and in business are left in a situation of vast uncertainty which is impacting on economic growth and on our ability to maintain and create jobs here in Northern Ireland. The biggest two parties know there was an agreement to restore the Executive and take responsibility for the tough decisions a month ago today. With big mandates come big responsibilities – there should be no more talk of shirking.”

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