Parkgate traffic report is necessary step – Alliance

Alliance Councillor, Alan Lawther, has welcomed the PSNI road management unit report sent to the Roads Service regarding the proposal to use Parkgate Quarry as a Transfer and Recycling facility.

Councillor Lawther said: “This report backs up many of the traffic concerns the residents of Parkgate have about this proposed recycling facility. In fact it even calls the figures for traffic volumes given in the application misleading. The figures did not allow for return journeys or the traffic generated as recycled material is taken away from the site”

“The Road Police have clearly recognised the dangers posed by LGV traffic going through the village and they also clearly say that they have major concerns about the traffic generated in the approaches to the area”

Alan Lawther stated that the most worrying aspect of the report was its suggestion that should a lorries’ brakes fail on the steep Conor Road, the results could be cataclysmic. He added that he hoped, that in the interests of safety and the well being of the Parkgate community, Roads Service and Planning take all these points on board and turn down the planning application.


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