Our way of life reliant on sustainable environment, says McReynolds

Our way of life is reliant on having a sustainable environment, Alliance Belfast Deputy Lord Mayor Peter McReynolds has told a major event designed to highlight the growing impact of climate change and calling for action to mitigate against it.

The global climate strike took place at locations around the world today (Friday), with local events in Belfast, Derry-Londonderry and other places across Northern Ireland. Councillor McReynolds was one of a range of Alliance representatives participating in the events, including Alliance Leader Naomi Long MEP in Derry-Londonderry and Paula Bradshaw MLA in Belfast.

“Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our future. We can each play a role in showing leadership in combatting it and its effects,” he told crowds at Belfast City Hall.

“Our way of life as we know it is reliant upon having a sustainable and healthy environment. We have already accomplished a lot to mitigate against it already but it’s still not enough. We need to keep climate change on the agenda until we get it right.

“Today’s events have been inspired by the actions of Greta Thunberg and others, with millions of people across the globe participating. It shows the need to act on climate change has never been more pressing, with the evidence indisputable that disruption to the Earth is happening.

“Closer to home, Alliance has been advocating for many years for Northern Ireland to have its own climate change legislation, as we currently perform badly when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We cannot afford to be complacent any further and we need legislation as soon as possible to reduce the damage as much as we can, so the Earth is safe for future generations.”