OTR legislation remains a perversion – Alliance

Reacting to claims that the Government is planning to change legislation dealing with “on-the-runs”, Alliance Party Leader David Ford has said that the proposals would remain a perversion for as long as those who committed terrorist offences are treated favourably to innocent exiles from Northern Ireland.

Speaking as Alliance Councillors in chambers across Northern Ireland spoke out against the legislation, Mr Ford stated: “One of the central reasons for our opposition to the legislation has been that the beneficiaries

would not have to face the court in person. If the Government is considering addressing this issue, then that is a small step in the right direction.

“However, the legislation remains a perversion. The Government continues to place the fortunes of those guilty of appalling terrorist atrocities ahead of those of innocent people exiled from Northern Ireland by


“This morally bankrupt process is causing a dangerous vacuum. My party did not take risks to support the Agreement for the terrorist to be placed before the victim. If the democrat and the victim are not central to the political process, there can be no process.”


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