Orde’s comments illustrate need to retain Assets Recovery Agency

East Antrim Alliance Assembly Candidate Stewart Dickson has stated that Hugh Orde’s comments illustrate the need for government to re-think their move to scrap the Assets Recovery Agency. According to media reports, it seems that the Chief Constable has yet to be convinced of the merits government’s move.

The Carrickfergus Councillor said: “Hugh Orde’s comments underline the need to retain the ARA.

“For him to have stepped into this row illustrates the anger amongst police personnel about this decision.

“The government should be aiming to close more illegal businesses instead of shutting the organisation carrying out this work.

“I am concerned that the local dimension to combating gangsterism will be lost.

“Many of the resources that were available to the ARA may not be available under the new arrangements, as they may be focusing on other parts of the UK. I sincerely hope that this move does not benefit criminals and gangsters.

“The ARA has conducted excellent work and I am concerned that no interim measure will be put in place to continue these activities.”


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