Opportunity for people of West Tyrone to send a message, says Donnelly

Today’s election is an opportunity for the people of West Tyrone to send a message to the two biggest parties by voting for Alliance, Stephen Donnelly has said.

The Alliance man said as the only positive, progressive, pro-European candidate in the race, he was the only one who can represent everyone in the constituency.

“Some have tried to make this election about orange vs green but people are increasingly turned off by that approach from the DUP and Sinn Féin,” he said.

“Alliance’s campaign has received a great response on the doorsteps and I am hopeful that will continue over into polling day itself. If people vote Alliance, they will get a representative who will go to Westminster on their behalf to articulate their interests, vote against Brexit and who will deliver for everyone in the community, particularly our young people who leave the constituency because they see no future here.

“Today, people can send a message to the DUP and Sinn Féin they are sick of the deadlock, the squabbling and they want to see a more progressive, positive and pro-European future for West Tyrone, one which embraces the politics of inclusion, creates jobs, is open and transparent, and has the politics our society needs.”

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