ONSIDE Project opens doors for disabled people – Ferguson

Alliance Councillor for Faughan, Rachel Ferguson, has said the ONSIDE project will help disabled people to open digital doors to ensure they are not socially isolated.

Councillor Ferguson was seeking after attending the launch of the ONSIDE (Outreach, Navigation, Social Inclusion and digital Engagement) project at the Millennium Forum in Derry – Londonderry.

Councillor Ferguson said: “The ONSIDE project aims to improve the health and wellbeing of disabled people by increasing their social and digital involvement in the community. It is organised and run on a cross border basis by a range of organisations for the benefit of disabled people over the age of 16. The project provides digital training so those with disabilities can develop and increase their online networks, leading to increased personal relationships.

“We know that positive relationships contribute to our overall health and wellbeing and this project opens digital doors so disabled people can participate in their community. It will remove the social isolation that many disabled people feel and help them become socially engaged.”