Only Alliance can be trusted to defend the rule of law – Ekin

Former Belfast Lord Mayor Tom Ekin has said that, had it been left to the DUP, no serious opposition to the ‘on-the-runs’ legislation would have been mounted.

Speaking at the Council’s monthly meeting on a motion condemning the OTR legislation, the Alliance Councillor stated: “The DUP indicated that the OTR agreement started at Weston Park conference but in reality the problem was well known long before.

“The DUP are followers again, following the pathfinders. The Alliance position was made abundantly clear a long time ago.

“Leadership is difficult, but despite the inevitability of having to deal with this issue, the route chosen by the Government is against the rule of law, against the rule of morality and against the rule of equality.

“Again the Governments ignore the decent-thinking majority, and the DUP wake up and make a big noise too late.”

Returning to the topic during a subsequent debate about bonfires, Cllr Ekin added: “When the tough decisions of Rule of law, morality and equality are required, too many people become equivocal and duck the issues. Such irresponsibility is at the core of tribal politics, and that is why we in Alliance oppose it so vehemently.”


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