On eve of Party Conference Ford blasts OFMDFM’s ‘hypocritical’ behaviour

Alliance Leader David Ford has launched a scathing attack on the First Minister and Deputy First Minister over their hypocrisy on good relations and a shared future. He said that they were quite happy to engage in love-in style photocalls, but last week’s Programme for Government made no mention whatsoever of these two important issues. His comments come on the eve of the Alliance Party Conference at the Dunadry Hotel tomorrow.

David Ford said: “OFMDFM are being totally hypocritical. Last week they published a Programme for Government that made absolutely no reference to a shared future or good relations, yet the Ministers enjoy the media coverage of their cosy

power love-in.

“I believe that people are becoming increasingly fed up with the photocalls and the Chuckle Brothers’ routine. Its time for real action on combating the devastating human and financial costs of segregation and time to put good relations at the top of the agenda.

“In recent months, there has been a threat to cut community relations budgets. This says everything about Ministers’ true intentions and Alliance will oppose any such move every step of the way.

“One of the motions that we will be discussing at our conference tomorrow will be on putting pressure on the Executive to create a genuinely shared future.

“Unfortunately OFMDFM made their intentions totally clear when they failed to even mention these vitally important matters in their supposedly ‘visionary’ plan last week. Alliance will lead the way in keeping the pressure on them to end segregation. “


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