Omagh families deserve public inquiry, says Donnelly

Alliance Councillor Stephen Donnelly has said a High Court ruling now paves the way for a full public inquiry into the Omagh bombing.

He was speaking after a judge outlined his findings as to why there should be a new investigation into the atrocity, adding it was yet another vindication for the families still campaigning for justice.

“As always, my first thoughts today are with the Omagh families, who have suffered the greatest loss anyone could face in the first instance and then campaigned bravely over the years in their pursuit of truth and justice. I pay tribute to each of them,” he said.

“We must not forget dissident republicans were the cause of the Omagh bomb and are the ones who need brought before the courts to pay for their crime. This bombing was undoubtedly the darkest part of our town’s history, yet today’s ruling can be seen as another glimmer of hope towards securing a full public inquiry that will deliver answers for so many.

“This is yet another vindication for the families. They have led the way in responding to adversity with incredible dignity and courage to the horrific events of that day. They deserve the right to seek the truth about what happened that terrible day and find peace after all these years.”