O’Lynn says people can make a stand for transparent politics by signing recall petition

Alliance North Antrim representative Patricia O’Lynn has said the people of the constituency can make a stand for transparent politics by signing the recall petition against Ian Paisley.

Ms O’Lynn was speaking as the petition opened across three locations in the constituency – in Ballymoney, Ballymena and Ballycastle – until September 19. If 10 per cent of the eligible electorate sign, a by-election will subsequently take place.

“This petition is a chance for the people of North Antrim to say they have had enough, and take a stand against repeated scandals, and to demand clean and transparent politics,” she said.

“The recall petition process is only in play because Ian Paisley did not do the right thing and resign his position. He has let down both himself and every person in North Antrim with his actions to date – not only did he not declare his paid-for Sri Lankan holidays but he has still to explain why he then subsequently lobbied against a UN resolution on the country.

“Alliance is calling on local people to sign this petition and help create a new confidence in politics by increasing openness and transparency.”

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