O’Lynn calls for DUP to suspend Councillor who made coronavirus claims

Alliance Ballymena Councillor Patricia O’Lynn has called for the DUP to suspend a Councillor who claimed the coronavirus pandemic is ‘the judgement of God’ following the the introduction of equal marriage and abortion reform here.

Councillor John Carson stated in a social media post “You reap what you sow and our nation is now reaping the judgement of God because of an immoral and corrupt government”. Alliance Councillor Ms O’Lynn said the comments were “disgusting and disgraceful” and called for Councillor Carson to retract the comments and apologise.

“These are disgusting and disgraceful comments from Councillor Carson, and I call on him to retract them and apologise immediately,” said Councillor O’Lynn.

“Leaving aside the ridiculousness of his statement, his comments are not only homophobic and anti-women but make a mockery of all those people who have tragically died from COVID-19 and complications relating to it.

“If he does not apologise profusely, the DUP need to suspend Councillor Carson to send a message these comments will not be tolerated, particularly at a time when people across the globe are coming together to showcase the best of humanity throughout this crisis.”