Now is the time for Football Offences Act – McCarthy

Alliance Assemblyman Kieran McCarthy has said that now is the time for extension of the Football Offences Act to Northern Ireland. He was responding to comments by the Irish Football Association’s Chief Executive Howard Wells in favour of the move.

The Strangford MLA stated: “During the lifetime of the Assembly, I called for legislation along the lines of the Football Offences Act that applies in England and Wales, but this was rejected by the Minister.

“Our party’s Sports Spokesperson Michael Long has kept up the pressure, however, and now we want to ensure that the current Minister’s desire to stamp out hooliganism is followed through.

“I am delighted, therefore, that the Irish Football Association is backing us on this issue. The only way to tackle hooliganism and sectarianism in all our football grounds is through the implementation of a Football Offences Act.”


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