Northern Ireland needs a quiet few days ahead – Lunn

Alliance Party MLA Trevor Lunn has said that the coming days need to be quiet and peaceful, and said that Northern Ireland’s image around the globe is extremely important, given the tough economic times we face.

Trevor Lunn MLA: “I sincerely hope that the next few days can pass without incident. Northern Ireland needs a peaceful and quiet marching season to show the world that we have moved forward. We are in the teeth of an economic downturn and a positive image of this region is the key to attracting tourists and jobs here.

“We have seen attacks on churches and Orange halls in recent days and there must be no repeat of these scenes.

“In recent times we have seen politicians from across the community standing united, and it is essential that this approach continues. Much good work has been done on the ground and I would hope the next few days pass peacefully.”


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