No roundtable talks until Thursday doesn’t inspire confidence, says Farry

Alliance Deputy Leader Stephen Farry has said there will be no all-party roundtable until Thursday at the earliest, which “doesn’t inspire confidence” in the ongoing talks process.

Dr Farry said despite the talks only resuming after the General Election, there already seemed to be a lack of momentum from several quarters.

“This has been branded an intensive three-week process. However, no roundtable between the parties until Thursday at least means the first week will have effectively passed by without meaningful discussions between the parties at the same table.

“Alliance has met with the two Governments and also asked each of the main parties to meet as well. While separate bilateral meetings are useful, it’s not until you get an all-party meeting around the same table that you get a true sense of everyone’s intentions.

“I understand there is a new UK Government and changes in the Government in the Republic but there remains no impetus to this process, which doesn’t inspire confidence. We need people to step up to the plate and do so without delay. The consequences of not doing so are too severe.”

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