No electoral pacts under any circumstances, says Armstrong

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has said the party will not be entering any electoral pacts for the forthcoming Westminster poll.

After Prime Minister Theresa May announced the June 8 election yesterday, speculation has centred on the possibility of pacts between various parties – unionist, nationalist and an anti-Brexit coalition. However, Strangford MLA Ms Armstrong said her party would not be entering any deals with others.

“Let me be extremely clear – Alliance will not be going into any pacts with any other party, no matter their outlook or goals. That is not how we operate – people know if they vote Alliance, they will get Alliance. We are standing on our own two feet and putting forward a constructive vision which we believe the public will back.

“While we will not have pacts under any circumstances, we will work with other parties on an issue by issue basis to deliver the best result for Northern Ireland. In terms of elections, the best way to encourage voter turnout and engagement is to give people the widest possible choice in terms of candidates. Alliance believes people should decide who represents them, not have it decided by politicians.

“Alliance wants to build a united community for all people, not just a carve-up. Rather than denying people a choice, we want to offer them a real one – no sectarian headcounts but rather progressive politics that creates a shared society for everyone.”

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