Ní Chuilín must co-operate with Assembly inquiry – Lyttle

Alliance Sports spokesperson, Chris Lyttle MLA, has said that the Culture Minister Carál Ní Chuilín must fully co-operate with the Assembly inquiry into safety concerns about the plans for a 38,000 capacity Casement Park. Safety expert Paul Scott said that he was put under pressure to approve plans for the project.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “I hope this inquiry will provide an opportunity for the Assembly to contribute to openness and transparency on this issue. It is vital that the Minister and her officials fully co-operate with this process.

“Sinn Fein were critical of the DUP attitude to the Social Development Committee inquiry into alleged political interference in Housing Executive contracts and they cannot now justify anything less than full cooperation.

“These are serious allegations that undue political pressure has been brought to bear on expert recommendations, which must now be fully investigated in the interest of public safety and good government.”


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