Next Prime Minister will still face the same issues, says Farry

Alliance Deputy Leader Stephen Farry MLA has said the next Prime Minister will still have to deal with the same issues regarding Brexit and needs to show “realism and honesty” in the role.

Dr Farry was speaking after Mrs May said she would step down as Prime Minister on June 7.

“While Theresa May conducted herself in a dignified and courteous manner, it doesn’t change the fact she has left the UK in a worse place than when she took up the role,” he said.

“While she attempted several times to get her Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament, she had her hands tied through mutually contradictory redlines over Brexit. Mrs May also had the chance to build a consensus around a softer version of Brexit with a special deal for Northern Ireland but failed to do so.

“No matter who now replaces her, the same problems will still persist – they will face stark choices regarding Brexit and its consequences, and they need to approach them with honesty and realism.

“Given the time needed to conduct the process to select a new Conservative leader and Prime Minister, it is likely another extension to Article 50 will be required, if we are to not leave the EU with no deal. The next Prime Minister must push for a People’s Vote and allow people to Remain now they know the mess Brexit will bring.”