New Year’s message from Alliance Leader David Ford

Alliance Leader David Ford MLA has issued a New Year message saying that the Executive’s honeymoon period is over and they must start delivering on key issues like ending segregation, improving our health service and creating more affordable and social housing. He said that the Executive’s end of year report card reads “must do much better”.

David Ford said: “The Executive took power eight months ago, on a promise of governing Northern Ireland better than direct rule Ministers had done. So far, Ministers have not lived up to that promise.

“The new year is meant to herald a fresh start, but I fear that this Executive has no fresh ideas.

“Ministers have talked about making efficiencies in the budget, yet have totally failed to anything to tackle segregation.

“Over one billion pounds is wasted every year on managing a divided society. If the Executive provided more mixed housing, integrated schools and shared services, they could unlock this massive amount of currently wasted cash.

“The honeymoon is over for this Executive and they must now deliver real positive changes to people’s lives. It is time they stopped pretending that chuckling together was a substitute for delivery.

“Their end of year report card reads “must do much better”. Back in March, I pledged that Alliance, with our allies in the United Community Group, would provide an effective Opposition. I said it was up to the Executive parties to provide an effective Government. Whether the Executive is capable of governing effectively and collectively is becoming a real worry for many local people.”


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