New strategy will work towards making a difference for victims and witnesses – Dickson

Alliance Justice spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has welcomed the launch of the ‘Making a Difference to Victims and Witnesses Strategy’ by the Justice Minister David Ford.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “How we treat those who have been harmed by crime is the ultimate test of how our criminal justice system operates. Victims should feel that they are being treated as individuals rather than simply just part of a case in the system.

“We must treat victims and witnesses with dignity and respect and we must ensure that they feel that their contribution is valued.

“As a member of the Assembly’s Justice Committee, I was involved in the inquiry into victims and witnesses which laid the groundwork for this strategy. I was glad that the Minister paid tribute to our work when he launched this document.

“This is further evidence of what an Alliance Minister is doing to make the justice system better for victims and witnesses.

“The new victim and witness care unit will provide for a smoother experience for them in the criminal justice system. With the charters for victims and witnesses, we can ensure that they know the entitlements that they can expect to receive and how they should be treated.”


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