New face for Alliance in Strangford Westminster election

Deborah Girvan, from Comber, has been selected by the Alliance Party to stand in the next Westminster election for the Strangford constituency.

“It’s time for a change in the Strangford constituency from the unionist dominated politics that we have endured for decades,” declared Mrs Girvan. “It’s time for a new voice and fresh thinking to challenge the dogmatic and entrenched views that have stymied progress in Northern Ireland. Alliance is a party that puts people first rather than it’s own political agenda.

She added, “I cut my political teeth working in senior management for many years as the Communications and Lobbying Manager for the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education and the Integrated Education Fund. My experiences as a lobbyist both at Westminster and Stormont have inspired me to help make a difference. I never thought that in a million years I would consider standing as an MP for Westminster. However, family, friends and party colleagues have encouraged me to put my name forward. It is a great honour to be a voice for non-sectarian politics and I will not let the people of Strangford down.”


Notes to Editor

Deborah Girvan was born and raised in Comber. Her family, the Coulters, have had a longstanding affiliation with the Comber area through cattle farming and vegetable growing for four generations.

A former Physical Education teacher, she taught in Rupert Stanley College of Further Education in East Belfast for 20 years before being appointed Marketing Officer at the Belfast Institute of Further and Higher Education in 1991.

In September 2000 she was appointed Communications and Lobbying Manager for the Northern Ireland Council of Integrated Education (NICIE) and the Integrated Education Fund (IEF).

In August 2008, she retired from NICIE/IEF and now works part-time as Marketing Director for Ian Martin Fuels, a local home heating oil distribution company.

She is married to David Girvan and has one daughter, Chloe Campbell who lives with her husband Julian and Ozkar, their one and a half year old son, in Brooklyn, New York.

Deborah Girvan, joined the Alliance Party in June 2005 and was elected chairperson of the Alliance Strangford Association in January 2009. She is also a member of the Alliance Executive Committee.

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